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December 7, 2016

Mystique & Scarlet Witch from Marvel Comics

Mystique & Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics

Photographer: Alexander Potapkin

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Our cosplay team - a group of best friends from school. We get into cosplay after organized a costume party on the birthday of one of us. Also we’re fans of comics and every one of us such a creative person, so we pretty quickly dragged into the world of cosplay :)

I don’t know why, but we have always attracted negative heroes of movies, comics and etc. Mystique and Scarlet Witch - is no exception. Both of them - strong female heroine, mutants rushing between good and evil side. We try to imagine how it’s look like if they had a confrontation, a battle.

We were inspired by what they looked like in the old comics. The Raven costume we have taken from the "X-factor" comics of the 90’s. The look of Wanda also taken from old comics, is one of the original costumes of this character.

For photos, we chose an atmospheric location - abandoned quarry outside the city.

Our costume and makeup looked much more interesting among the endless sand than just on ordinary background. Also this place reminded us post apocalyptic theme or something like that.

In this cosplay the most difficult part was the makeup of Mystique! These photos were taken in summer, in the sand and under the scorching sun. I think we got sunstroke that day! So when we got home after, the sand was everywhere :) and blue makeup too :)

If we talk about the costumes, the most difficult part was the small details like a gun belt of Mystique and the crown of Scarlet Witch.

This costumes we wore only one time - at the Russian Comic Con in St. Petersburg. The reaction of the people was unforgettable - people lined up to take a picture with us. We felt like a real superheroes (or villains :))

In the future, we plan to upgrade these costumes, modify them in detail. We really love these characters, so we are glad to come back to them again.

Cosplayer: Bazinga Cosplay Team

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